Learning Journey Seasons

As I sit here in a local Winnipeg Starbucks staring out the window and watching cars zipping by on there way to who knows where I noticed the trees have lost the majority of their leaves. There is this undeniable fresh feeling of the cool fall air as the door opens and closes near the front of the store.

I was putting the final touches on completing the final assignment for my last course in the Human Resource Management Certificate program as I realize the summer is really over.

Subsequently my journey in this Certificate program is also over and it really got me thinking about the unique connection between changing seasons and a learning journey in one’s life.

The same way a season fades (or like a Winnipeg Fall where we basically go straight to Winter, ugh!) we move onto new and exciting things that are yet to be discovered. It is this sense of unknown that drives us forward and has us looking forward to a new learning journey and the excitement that will bring. For me, I am looking forward to continuing my education in Adult Learning principles.

After a beautiful summer like we had this year we often look back and reflect on the great things we did or wish we would have done differently. When completing a learning journey its good practice to do the same!

I reflect back on how good my time management was with my courses, I never felt stressed for time. If I could have done something differently it would have been to get more engaged in the online learning that a lot of my courses offered. There were many resources and video links that my professors shared that I did not take the time to watch. No excuses for my next learning journey.

I ask you:

  • Where is your next new learning season taking you?
  • Are you currently ending a season like me or have you been stuck in the same one for an extended period of time?

Let’s move into Summer again already!!

Happy Learning.IMG_0625


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