Happy Scheduling!

When I first started this blog at the end of last year I had a plan that I would post as often as I could (time allowing). I am currently a part time student and a full time employee, now don’t get me wrong I am not trying to make excuses but it seemed very easy to tell myself had time to make valuable blog posts often.

So then I went on with life, editing and attempting to make this blog more visually appealing which actually took a lot more effort than I thought it would! I also approached my friends and family requesting ways in which I could make the blog look better.

Next think I knew it was the new year and I had university assignments due, tests, weekly online discussion forms, family gatherings, sporting games and the rest of living coming my way. Last week I logged onto this site and realized I had not done at all what I promised myself and worst of all wasn’t doing what I even recommend to others!

Scheduling is key.

So I thought to myself what needs to change in order to make this still a priority but not something that will take me away from everything else? The answer was seemed too simple but I know it is going to work. I will schedule 2 hours every Sunday from 10AM-12PM to write a new blog post. I also told myself that just because I write a post doesn’t mean I have to publish it, but to at least get something on paper!

So what’s the point of this post today? Well you are going to hold me accountable just by me posting this!

1. Psychologically we are much more likely to stick to our goals and schedules if we tell others about it, especially those who mean the most to you!

2. Physically scheduling time in your calendar will allow you to increase your own commitment and holds yourself accountable.

3. You must enjoy what your going to schedule or you will still find reasons not to follow through.

Happy scheduling!


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