Trevor Lubinski, the learner behind the words.

I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to you. My name is Trevor Lubinski, born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have a passion for seeing the individuals around me be the very best that they can be in their professional and personal lives.

Life is a learning journey. Someone great once told me “while your laying in bed at the end of a busy day to take a minute to reflect. Think of a couple things you learned that day that you didn’t know when you woke up. You will be pleasantly surprised.” This has resonated with me ever since the first time I heard it, I literally find it impossible to sleep before I take a minute to reflect on the day.

Education is what also defines me, it’s funny because people know me as the guy who never left school, a perma-student. After graduating from University of Manitoba with Bachelors of Arts Adv. Majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business Organization I never stopped there! I took 3 years of general science courses, graduated with a certificate in Human Resource Management and am currently almost completed the Program Development for Adult Learners certification at the University of Manitoba.

Throughout school you’re always asked that looming and seemingly unavoidable question; “What do you want to be? and what separates you from everyone else?”. It’s a difficult question to answer if you try to think about it from the wrong perspective. People don’t normally have one major thing that separates them from others. For me it’s the small things that add up. My passion for others is what drives me out of bed every morning and what helps me strive for ultimate potential. I push myself every day to go above and beyond and was taught by my parents that “good enough” won’t get you where you need to be and won’t make a lasting difference.

By day I am a Learning Manager at B.A. ROBINSON in Winnipeg, Manitoba and by night I am a lifelong learner, a sports fanatic and socializer. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it and would love to hear from you if you have any other questions about me. I will be writing a series of blog posts, reviews and testimonials on the current and future trends in learning, development and personal branding.


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